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Associate Degree in Landscape   Design, 1981

Oregon Gardener since 1975

Association of Professional Landscape Designers

Member of APLD, Oregon Chapter

  Over 300 design installations

  Formerly Oregon Certified Nurseryman, Oregon Association of Nurserymen


A sketch of her spring vegetable garden one Central Oregon winter became the seed for a blossoming career in landscape design.

A friend, upon viewing Valorie Lukins’ drawings, suggested that she study landscape design. Needing little else besides her gardening passion, Valorie was enrolled in Portland classes by fall and graduated with an Associate Degree in Landscape Design. By 1981, she had started her own business in Central Oregon: Valorie Lukins Landscape Design.

Today, her business is a thriving enterprise that services predominantly high-end residential and commercial projects, such as The Forum shopping center and the Millpoint Business Campus in Bend, Oregon, and Columbia River Banks and Oxford Suites Hotels, outside the Bend area, in addition to custom homes around the Northwest. These incredible landscapes round off a project's overall visual impact, quality and feel.

Creating these fine balances between architecture and landscape is a creative yet technical process. Valorie likes to design around an area's native elements, plants and rocks; considers the climate, and chooses those features that are not only hardy but provide a unique “twist”, adding character and interest. She also listens carefully to her clients’ ideas and incorporates their likes. Thus, every job she does is one-of-a-kind and fulfills her clients' desires.

With extensive gardening experience in Central Oregon since 1975 and the formation of her landscape design business in 1981, Valorie brings invaluable skill, knowledge of and familiarity with a large realm of plants that are suited to Central Oregon's unique micro-climates and other Northwest locales.

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Home Residential Design Commercial Design Design Philosophy Design Approach Design Awards Meet Valorie
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